What We Bring

We bring everything needed for the job!

We come prepared with Mops and Pads, Brooms and Vacuums, Cleaning Cloths and Sponges, All Purpose Cleaner, Oven and Glass Cleansers, Dusters, Dish-washing Soap, Hardwood Floor Cleanser and more….

The products we use are researched, developed and manufactured by the best companies in the industry today. Every cleaning product we use is created to focus on making cleaning an efficient and successful process, effectively removing dust, dirt and grime. Our goal is to leave your home clean and to enhance its natural beauty. Our cleaning staff purchases these products at retail from major suppliers, using items that are known as household names across America.

Our cleaning staff has a combined experience of cleaning for over 40 years. They have tried many different cleaning tools and products for home cleaning, and are using what they have determined to be the best and most effective products, thereby cutting down time in the cleaning process.